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TCS Experience Film

Big, epic, bold, immersive… this is so much more than a film, this is an experience!

Tata Consultancy Services has asked us to create a film to show in their Executive Briefing Centre in Mumbai. This Centre is used by TCS to bring (potential) clients and show them the capabilities that TCS has to support their business. In the center of this building is a specifically designed theatre with a 7.1 surround system. Visitors can take a seat in one of the 16 swivel seats and be surrounded by 3 giant screens (left, front and right).


Tata Consultancy Services

When we got the chance to make film for a uniquely designed film theatre with screens around the viewers, we had to go next level!

When visitors arrive in the Executive Briefing Centre they first walk through an interactive hallway where they get a lot of facts and information about the history and achievements of TCS. After this walk they can take a seat in the theatre. The goal was to not repeat all the information and facts but to dip the visitors into an ‘epic’ movie experience that catches the vision and emotion of TCS. In a 3 minute immersive film we hope to ‘wow’ every visitor. After the movie the front screen slides open to reveal another room where they again await an interactive experience with more in depth information.

The video is a combination of TCS footage, stock and CGI animation. AMP helped us to mix the soundtrack of this film to a 7.1 surround setup to help guide the viewers where to look and really complete the immersive experience. This production is another great collaboration with our creative, strategic friends from Twofish.

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