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ROUTZ - Sales & Pitch Video

Through this video we don’t just want to show the possibilities of a partnership with Routz. We want to create a ‘new tech’ feeling around the company itself.

Routz is the knowledge authority on ICT network infrastructure technology. It’s quite a challenge to explain everything they do, because it’s often technical and mainly background focussed. Still, what they do is essential for innovation in a world that’s so focussed on connectivity.



Routz is about partnership. The people of Routz are driven, fanatical. Their team consistis of over 175 specialists and growing every day. The goal of the video is not to explain everything they do, but to convince the viewer that they know what they’re doing.

Does your corporation wants to roll out a new 5G network? Routz can make it happen. Does your company need to share highly sensitive information with employees or contractors? Routz will create a secure network. Routz is the answer to every IT and connectivity challenge you can encounter.

In the video we combined on the one hand that Routz is the knowledge authority in the field of IT Networking and on the other hand the personal way of working they have. That’s why we proposed a treatment that covers them both.

Special thanks to our amazing lead character, Annefleur Klinkhamer, camera guru Harm Luth, sound engineer Wouter Tjaden, make-up artist Linsey van Vlijmen, and Vincent Wijnbergen for some of the animations.

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