Philips Positioning Movie

Philips - Promotion Video

After a great year, Philips TV is ramping things up. So get ready… for more!

Over the last couple of years, TP Vision set a goal: Make the best TVs! And they have been busy, not only with TV but also with audio. And we’re always happy to help Philips TV & Audio tell their positioning story, by making them epic films for their events.


TP Vision

Philips TV & Audio 2019 – better resolution, better contrast, better color, better movement, better punch. You better believe it.

Philips Positioning Film – January Event 2019

Over the years, we’ve produced more Philips Positioning Films. The next video we made for the IFA (press) presentation of 2018. PhilipsTV presents not only new models and upgraded tech, but announces new friendships.

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