Philips P5 Picture Processor

Philips - Explanation Video

If you like streaming, you’ll love the P5.

We made brand films for PhilipsTV, to present their unique P5 Picture Quality Engine. We’re already at the 3rd generation of Philips TV’s P5, and this generation adds de-contour enhancement, bit-depth calculation and sparse filtering to produce an even cleaner, sharper image.

The P5 analyses and individually addresses each of the 5 variables that define picture quality: Source, Sharpness, Color, Contrast and Motion.


TP Vision

Now you’ll enjoy the deepest blacks, the brightest whites, vivid colours, and our most fluid, razor sharp picture – every time and from any source.

The Philips P5 Picture Quality Engine sets new standards in picture perfection. Five processors in one, the P5 has the processing power necessary to handle the immense volumes of data that now come with Ultra HD and 4K pictures, and delivers 50% more picture quality performance.

The result of the P5 picture processor is a visibly more refined image with finer lines and deeper details to create an impression of more image depth.

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