Philips Ambilight Consumer Film

Product Feature Moodfilm

From gaming to binge watching, and from partying to relaxing: Ambilight tv changes everything.

‘Ambilight’ is the USP of Philips television. The intelligent LEDs built into the back bring television into a new dimension. Philips says: without Ambilight, a television is boring. We produced the Ambilight Consumer film, to show all potential TV-buyers why they should have an Ambilight TV in their living room.


TP Vision

We made a consumer film, as a start of social media campaign and for in-store content, for electrical stores. The message was “TV without Ambilight is boring – because Ambilight TV changes everything.” This is the communication strategy for the Philips Ambilight TVs.

The film starts in a ‘boring room’. There is a TV, but no Ambilight. The content on the screen is sad, the mood in the living groom is uninspiring, boring, life less, empty. But.. there comes Ambilight. We move to livingrooms with Ambilight TV’s. And it becomes clear that it literally changes the room. Ambilight changes everything.

We designed seven different sets – all TV’s and audio products had their own living room, based on the color strategy of the television range. Sports, Movies, Gaming, Party mode, Aurora and Binge watching. Each room belonged to a own target audience, from Boomers to Gen Z.

For this production we worked together with the Creative Directors from Twofish. Superbeing did the creative motion direction and the shoot was held at Lukkien. For the production we built two basic room structure, during the shoot we restyled both room structures to fit the TV.

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