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Being an innovation frontrunner is a pretty big claim. And being asked to visualise that claim in a 1 minute+ video seemed to be a pretty big challenge at first. But with all the things ING is doing it’s not a matter of finding stuff to show, it’s about carefully choosing what to show.

In the end it’s not about explaining innovation, it’s about convincing the viewer that ING and Innovation go hand in hand. That’s how we started with the creation of this Innovation moodfilm for ING.



When we got briefed by ING about their innovation projects, they gave us a list of hundreds of start ups that they’re involved in. Dozens of programmes and events all build around ‘Innovation’. They wanted a film that could kick-off a presentation and set the tone.

A moodfilm isn’t about explaining or trying to proof something, it’s about making the viewer ‘feel’ something. In this case; make the viewer ‘feel’ that ING is an innovation frontrunner.

It’s very rare that people can repeat the full story after watching a video. They often only remember fragments and a feeling. This film is a great example of how to make use of that with visual storytelling. Typography animations interacting flawlessly with the video footage, together with some added animations it forms a story that is bigger than the script alone.

It’s the combination of text, video, music, energy and animations that all work together to highlight the most important elements of the story and make the viewer feel something.

A moodfilm like this is a perfect tool for people to walk onstage to, or use to get job candidates excited.

Music Composition by Massive Music. Sound Design by Max Schuiling.

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