Happy Labs

2D Animation Promo

Hassle-free UX research. But what is hassle? And what is a UX lab? in this animation we show you in 60 seconds.

If you’re a researcher or a designer who’s wants to do better research, Happy Labs is your research partner. They facilitate the whole process from finding the right interviewees to a central location with professional researchers.


Happy Labs

For people who are not familiar with the world of UX Research & Design, it was rather unclear what Happy Labs’ added value was. To improve this, we made 2D animation video to explain what Happy Labs’ service is exactly.

Based on a short story outline we helped out with creating a clear script. The treatment for the video was instant obvious: hassle-free, happy 2D animation.

Making this animation was super much fun. Creating all these icons, figuring out how the yellow ball and lines could connect the story of this animation.

Thanks Happy Labs for this awesome assignment & kudos to ValsPlat for the great cooperation on this project!

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