Day 11 – Welcome to Miami

We arrived on our second location of the world-trip: Miami!

We want to let you guys know we arrived safely here at our Motel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our 2 flights were pretty exhausting and chaotic. We went to the international airport of Buenos Aires at midnight and had to wait until 6.15 AM before we could board our plane. We flew with a pretty big airbus, it was the best plane so far and we had amazing seats near the wing of the airplane, so we made some amazing photographs and shot some real awesome footage with the GoPro! We got some breakfast on the plane: “pancakes with chocolate”… we have no idea what it was.. but it weren’t pancakes with chocolate. I think there was even some sauerkraut in it.. one thing we know: it was disgusting!

The transfer in Lima was really stressful… We had just one hour to transfer planes and when we arrived there was a HUGE waiting line. First we couldn’t believe this line was for the international transfers so we walked past it, but around the corner our fear was confirmed and we had to go all the way back to the end of line. Everybody was complaining and stressing out. And so were we of course! In the end we made it barely with only 5 minutes to spare we boarded. This flight was fully booked and uncomfortable, and since we almost had nothing to eat and drink we almost past out! Luckily they served some chicken and rice that wasn’t too bad for airplane food. But maybe we were just so hungry we couldn’t care anymore! haha

Nevertheless when we finally arrived in Miami after sitting 11 hours in airplanes we couldn’t be more excited!! WE ARE IN THE STATES! The suitcases also made it here, the stickers of Jordi’s suitcase are pretty beat up.. but who cares right!?

We searched for the car rental service and found out we had to take a short train ride from the airport. It was no big deal and we found it pretty quickly. At the Alamo car park they tried to sell us an upgrade but we chose to stick with the small car, now we are very happy we did that. Because when they showed us our car they said: “Oh you guys can take that small one…” pointing at one awesome brand new Fiat 500!!!

It was a 40 minute drive over to our Motel in Fort Lauderdale, Daan has a navigation app on his iPhone so it wasn’t a problem to find it. Our Motel is great, it’s cheap but it’s in a great location. We have a small kitchen with refrigerator so it’s no problem to fix our own food. The supermarket is 200 meters from here and the beach is also a 5 minute walk!

Concluding: we are really happy to be here.. and for now we are going to take some rest from the busy time we had in Buenos Aires. This weekend we’ll be editing the video so you can expect that one very soon! We’re going to the beach right now because it’s really hot… haha!

Jordi & Daan