Day 09 – Visiting 2veinte

Thursday 21 February (our last day in Buenos Aires) we visited with Agustin Valcarenghi and Pablo Gostanian from 2veinte, the studio was pretty close (about 2km) from our hotel so it was easy to find! We had an appointment around 15.00PM and got a warm welcome by the guys and their (camera hating) bullterrier Dardo, haha!

Their studio breaths playfulness and creativity; with the big posters on the walls and design toys everywhere. A foosball table in the middle of the studio. They are with 6 guys + Agustin and Pablo. They see themselves as a smaller studio and they really want to keep that ‘small studio’ spirit. The personal contact with everyone and the fact that they always want to make their own productions next to commercial work. “If we lose that, we lose our identity and the reason why we started doing this in the first place” they said. It’s really inspiring to hear that from a small studio like 2veinte. They want to make 1 or 2 own productions each year and they were working on a small new project, they released a WIP render earlier this week but what it exactly will become is still top secret. Their last production ‘Psychic Land‘ was really awesome and is shown on festivals around the world. From our point of view this is what makes 2veinte stand out from the crowd; Their passion and mission to always want to make their own productions next to their client work. Because in these productions they really show their identity as directors and bring something new to this motion world. And we all know as (motion) designers that it’s pretty hard to find time to work on your own productions, so it’s an inspiration to see how these guys make it work.

We also asked them how they deal with clients and their wishes. They said that they always have to remind themselves that this is not art and that they can do this because of the clients. So if a client wants something they make it. But many small clients don’t really know what they want so they can give their own twist to it. It’s a different approach than the guys from Plenty, their first approach is to make what they want to make. (read the post about our visit to Plenty) But they are so busy with all the commercial projects that they don’t have time to make their own productions. So it’s just a different approach for how to push your barriers as a creative director. For us it’s great to see the differences between these studios and we are very curious to see the approach of the other directors we’ll meet on this world-trip. How they keep pushing their creative barriers in this motion business. 

Next to the fact we had an inspiring talk they gave us some awesome 2veinte goodies. Our suitcases are pimped with some special stickers and we have some posters to hang above our beds back home!

Thank you Agustin and Pablo for your hospitality and it was really great to meet you guys!!

Jordi & Daan