Day 15 – The Miami Vibe

Hi all you followers from around the globe!

After our busy time in Buenos Aires we are taking it easy over here in Miami for a couple of days. Doing some sightseeing, laying on the beach and some swimming. But today it’s a bit rainy here in Fort Lauderdale so it’s time for an update!

I (Jordi) really needed some time to relax after the chaotic flights from Buenos Aires, but first I had to finish our first video blog. So the first days in Miami started with an hour of editing, then a couple hours on the beach and after that right back to my computer to work on the edit again for a couple of hours. Although we are pretty satisfied with the result we really want to show you guys more of the meetings we have with the directors. Luckily we have our blog posts telling more about those meetings and the things we talk about.. but I guess it would be cool to also show you a bit more about the reason we are making this trip in the first place, because we are not just tourists traveling the world. So we’ll do our best to really involve you guys in this process through these videos!

But this world-trip is also about living the dream… not just ‘dreaming’ but also ‘doing’! The last couple of days it really hit us again that we are making this unbelievable trip! Daan had a great idea to walk a “guided design tour” yesterday he found on TripAdvisor. He put the address in the navigation and we drove for about 40 minutes to finally arrive in a closed community of expensive residences. Since the people where really protective over their big yachts and Ferrari’s we decided to exit the closed community again and just go to Miami Beach. We parked our car near the beach to just wander around and see the city // beach // boulevard. Here are a couple of things we noticed… 1. Everybody over here has a Mustang. 2. This is a place to see and a place to be seen. 3. America has a real need to explain things in every detail. 4. The people here are really warm and friendly. and last 5. Everybody over here has a Mustang.

But seriously,, I personally love the classic Ford Mustang.. but the new one isn’t that special if you see it that often. But it’s not only Mustangs we see here, also Camaro’s, Cadillacs and the occasional Harley Davidson. Nevertheless I’ll take a Mustang any day over a Ford Taurus or something haha!

When we walked across the beach we could witness some people living “The GoodLife” over here. Sipping a cocktail on a closed of beach 2 meters of the totally empty huge public beach. And we should better just walk-on because there are signs everywhere explaining that it’s private property and what exactly will happen if you still enter it. These signs aren’t just for private property, but also next to every traffic light, every pedestrian crossing, every parking place etc. to explain how it all works.

On the boulevard we saw an open gallery of the famous photographer Peter Lik, we decided to take a look and where amazed by his awesome photographs of Central Park, The Grand Canyon and more. We talked to a very nice lady who managed the gallery and told her about our trip. That didn’t stop her from trying to sell us a 1 million dollar photograph (we are not even kidding!). We thankfully declined her generous offer and quickly walked off.

On our walk on the boulevard we also saw a professional fashion photo shoot in the middle of the street and a blond girl who was more plastic-fantastic fake than real being filmed by a TV crew, I have never seen something like that in my life… Last but not least we had our first real American burger with fries and a delicious beer. It are the small things on this trip that makes you (us) realize how special this journey actually is!

Meanwhile I’m writing this Daan is very busy starting the edit for our second video blog about Miami. We hope we can share it with you guys in a couple of days!

Jordi & Daan