The Life-Light

After 1 year pre-production & planning, 4 months of traveling & filming and 3 months of post-production…
We’re graduated Bachelor of Design with Honours and finished the biggest project we’ve ever worked on.
A project that changed our lives!



A personal journey about breakthroughs that took us (Jordi & Daan) on a big trip around the world. To challenge ourselves and each other to think in possibilities instead of impossibilities. To talk to other creatives / directors around the world about these challenges and share the lessons and tools through our blog.

This film is a visualization of how this journey changed our lives. Get inspired // Be inspiring!

Watch the two “This is my journey” (intro) videos to get a full grip on the stories:
Jordi – This is my journey
Daan – This is my journey

Salomon Ligthelm & Tony Anderson

Sam Huisman

Jireh Lee
Jordi Klepper
Daan Viegas Damas

Amsterdam, Rome, Buenos Aires, Lima, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Redding, Big Sur, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, San Diego, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Sydney, Auckland, Tokyo

Pablo & Mariano –
Agustin & Pablo –
Jon Gorman – Buck NY
Dan Difelice –
Aras Darmawan – New York
Bradley G. Munkowitz –
Ash Thorp – San diego
Mike Colarik – Los Angeles
Joe Mullen & Joshua Harvey – Buck LA
Jeremy Snell – Honolulu
Salomon Ligthelm – Sydney // Hillsong Film
Glenn Stewart –
Paul Nevison – Sydney // Hillsong Film
Jireh Lee – Tokyo
Stephan van den Brink – FC Tropical

And of course all the awesome people we met before,
during and after this 4 month world-trip and supported us in this journey!