The Adventure Begins

After more than a year of preparing this project and planning our world-trip, we finally started our journey! Yesterday we left Amsterdam to travel all the way to Buenos Aires via Rome. We arrived 16.oo o’clock local time in Rome and got something to eat. And we couldn’t leave Rome before eating a slice of pizza, a pizza with hotdogs isn’t the most Italian combination ever, but it still was a good slice!





After 6 hours waiting and wondering at Rome airport we took the mono-rail to our gate and got on our Boeing 777 at 22.00u. (We will show it in our video blog this weekend!).

The flight from Rome to Buenos Aires was the real killer. 14 hrs sitting in one position trying to get some sleep. But luckily we could watch a whole collection of movies and some old skool Sega Pong games! Sjors (Daan’s girlfriend) gave him 2 books of Paulien Cornelisse: “Taal is zegmaar echt mijn ding” and “En dan nog iets”. Books about the funny and weird things in the Dutch language, hilarious and very entertaining to read on the flight!



To our surprise we got some dinner, at 01:00 am local time (Rome). And some breakfast at 06:00 am local time (Buenos Aires). We were rejoiced and as we dutch say “Totaal vercrackt!” when we arrived at Buenos Aires airport. Which is basically a very visual way of saying that we were tired. When we picked up our baggage; our brand-new Samsonite suitcases, we were shocked to see the condition they are in after just 2 flights. Daan’s suitcase is already cracked!! A bit of a bummer since we spend € 200,- on these suitcases believing they could survive a world-trip like this. But maybe the airport staff of Rome and Buenos Aires aren’t big fans of Samsonite!?



Either way, on the airport we immediately got a cab to our small hotel/ B&B “Casa Carranza“, and we didn’t get ripped off by the driver! (we think…) We are very happy with the fact we are located in Palermo, the neighborhood looks really nice and our hotel is very cozy!



For now we are going to rest and enjoy the weather (30 degrees C), the plan is to go and eat out tonight somewhere in the area if we can stay awake till dinnertime. We hope to put video blog online every weekend about our adventures and the process of our film “The Life-Light”.
Thank you for your support and we love the messages we get from you via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, mail etc. !!!

We’ll keep you posted!


Jordi & Daan

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