Happy to meet! Welcome to Superbeing Studio.

We’re a small but growing animation team, with big ambitions. We love to work for our clients, making 2D and 3D animations, internal video’s, corporate stories and what not. Our studio is based in the city centre of Amsterdam, with enough space for our team and freelancers to create something new everyday.

This is what we do

Our work is often part of something bigger: a brand strategy or an online campaign. Because of that we often collaborate closely with agencies how motion design can play a role in the bigger plan. From Brand & Vision Films to Event Videos and from 2D explainer animations to Social Media Content. We translate your strategy to motion!

It’s tricky to categorise what we do, because we design all things motion. But let’s give it a shot, our main products & services are: Motion branding & Video IdentsInternal communicationEvent Opener video3D Product video & Promo2D Explainer animationOnline Campaign & Socials

Of course you can read more about what we do, but it’s better to just watch:

The team


Founder & Creative Director

Who can’t he be? He is our founder, creative director, strategist, visionair, and so much more. Over 15 years ago he started Superbeing, dreaming of an epic office and an awesome team. Guess dreams do come true! Oh, don’t feed him cheese, he hates it…

Motion Graphic Designer

Visual Artist, Motion Designer or Motion Magician… it doesn’t matter what you call him, as long as he can create awesome creative stuff. If he can’t make it, it doesn’t exist – until he makes it. His tailor-made Supermachine is something most gamers can only dream of, but when we asked what he did last weekend he said reading… Right, Sander?

Camera Director & Editor

For many years Amber has supercharged our productions with her edit & camera skills. In 2023 she has finally surrendered to our charm and joined the Superteam officially! She seems to believe she is Japanese, although we know she is ‘knettertje’ Dutch and was born in Soest. She also claims to know everybody, but I guess you already knew that.

3D Motion Designer

Jasper is our very own 3D artist. This young handsome guy takes modelling to a whole new level and he’s slowly turning all our computers in his very own renderfarm. He’s always happy and positive, but maybe that’s also because he keeps beating the rest of the team in Super Smash.

Creative Producer

What do almost all creatives need? An organised and all knowing right hand. Well, that’s Vera. She’s got a background in marketing and supports the creative team at communication strategy and target audience. Her secret talent is finding music for almost all our projects. And for all your questions – she’s your (wo)man!


What is a studio without it’s office puppy!? So, here I am. I joined the Superteam in May 2021, and I must say they’re pawsome. My motion powers are barking at our garden hedgehog and going for walks. When I’m tired of discovering the world I sleep – and I do that for like 18 hours a day. So I don’t distract the team all day. Just sometimes.

Motion Superhero

Chief is our very own motion superhero. Floating around, creating new stuff, shocking people with his endless creative skills – pun intended. His superhero landing is one of his favourite moves, even beter than Superman’s. Never tell him he’s just a mascotte, we like to let him believe he truly is Superbeing himself.

What our partners say about us

“I have to say, Superbeing is tremendous. They’re doing such a tremendous job, really tremendous. Their motion designs are just fantastic, the best I’ve ever seen. Trust me, you’re going to love them, just like you love me!”
– Donald J. Trump

What our partners say about us

“These guys are absolutely mind-blowing! Their creativity knows no bounds, and their designs are so captivating that they have the power to transport you to another dimension of pure awesomeness!”

– AI ChatGTP

What our clients say about us

“Some stuff about how amazing Superbeing is as a creative partner. The stuff they do is groundbreaking. Their animations could be the reason for worldpeace. No human being has ever witnessed something so spectacular as working with Superbeing!”

– Our favourite clients

Our vision

We at Superbeing try to look at projects from another perspective. We don’t just want to make our clients happy, but we want to support our clients to elevate their brand and production and take it to the next level. We want to be the lift that raises the bar.

As creative, art & motion directors, animators, filmmakers and editors we always want to bring new creative possibilities to the table. We have a great passion for creating beautiful content that not only looks pretty, but is strategically produced to support the purpose of our clients.

We don’t believe in a set standard; there is no normal, there is only superb!

Our purpose

Our Superbeing identity is based on our personal believe that nothing is impossible. As humans we are often focussed on our personal limitations, by limiting ourselves we also limit what we can do in the world. We believe that if you see the world in possibilities you can stretch or even overcome your boundaries. So we can do and experience things others may have seen as impossible. “Superbeing” is someone who is focussed on possibilities and through perseverance achieve things that are above normal.

Just as we raise the bar in our personal life we do this on every project we work on. We believe that a strong vision is contagious, and hope to spread this mentality through all our collaborations. Because we believe that your brand has no limits!