The Million Ways I Love You


Is it the way you look at things with wonder in your eyes?
Is it the way you make me feel when you look at me and smile?

Is it the way you always want to learn new things and grow
The way you live your life with new adventures on the go

Is this the way God looks at you and loves you from above
Is this the way He is and feels, is this what they call love?

Is it the way you care for all the little things you see
Is it the way you want to share those little things with me

Is it the way you laugh at all the funny things I say?
Is it the way you cry when you don’t want to leave but stay?

It’s the way I want to relive every moment spent with you
The way you changed my life and made it something new

It’s the way I feel this new longing in my heart
It’s the way I long to be together, nevermore a part

It’s the way I want to grow and discover something new
It’s the way I don’t want to do it, if it’s not with you

It’s the way you run and jump when you haven’t seen me for a while
The way you get excited never fails to make me smile

For this I give thanks to our Father from above
for the best gift He has ever given me was this abundant love

I never want to lose this, with love I take this leap
Because this love is meant for you and not for me to keep

Salomon Ligthelm – When We Left

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