Akwasi – O.N.Z.I.N.

Motion Graphics, Video

Director Stephan van den Brink asked us to help out with the pre-production and production of the music video for Akwasi. We helped design the typographic animations and glitches for the projections and post-production. On the set of the music video we assisted with the projections of the animations.

Directed by Stephan van den Brink stephanvandenbrink.com
Filmed by Thijs Molenaar – The VideoMatic thevideomatic.com
Editing & Color Grading: Laurens Roorda – The VideoMatic
Post Production: Stephan van den Brink
Animation: Jordi Klepper – Superbeing & Stephan van den Brink
Setup Projections / Beamers: beamerhuren.nl
Set Assistant: Jordi Klepper – Superbeing
Styling: Alexandra Vilcov
Production: Wendy De Vries & Ahisha Echteld
Set Photography: Bradley Langguth

Thanks to: Theater de Meervaart & Studio West
Première at Dutch Film Festival: goo.gl/JddE1F

O.N.Z.I.N. is produced Drummakid & Esco. Akwasi’s debutalbum ‘Daar Ergens’ is in stores now.

Making of / Behind the scenes: