3FM – MetMichiel // LiveLoad Promo


For Dutch radiostation 3FM, I was asked with a group of young creative people to come up with (and develop) a social media strategy that uses facebook as a platform to create a stronger synergy between radio DJ & listener. The result of our brainstorm was the show “LiveLoad”. Through the use of live implementation of cameras on smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other device, the listener is asked to start a recording during the show. Several moments later the DJ gives an absurd assignment which the listeners should fullfil. The created content is uploaded to the DJ’s facebook timeline, resulting in both user as DJ collecting likes and exposure.

While Thom Smeets (Che Che Check) and Sarah Reichenbach were mainly responsible for the show itself. I was asked to come up with a promo which could also be used to explain the show to the audience. I assisted Mink Wildschut (Director) and Daisy Kanon (D.O.P.) and was responsible for the post-production of the promo.

Special thanks to: Bart Visser (Producer), Maximiliane Hunfeld, Wieneke Lamers, Robert Dines and Cindy van Willigenburg. They were all a big part of the project in (Pre-)production! And of course the actors for playing their part brilliantly!