No turning back // We got them!

YES! We have some major updates on our project.
Let’s start with the fact that the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) accepted ‘The Life-Light’ as our graduation project. So we’re not just making an awesome world-trip and filmproject, we will also graduate with a Bachelor of Design degree with The Life-Light project.

And now the most important update of all: We booked our tickets! The flights have been planned and the world-trip is on. So what’s the plan!?

12 Feb 2013 we will leave Amsterdam to start our journey in Buenos Aires! We will be there for 10 days before traveling to Miami on 22th Feb. After Miami we will fly to New York City on 4th March, we will also stay there for 10 days. We will leave the East Coast to fly all the way to San Francisco on the West Coast. We will land on 15th March and we will stay for a month in California making a trip to Redding, Las Vegas and last but not least: Los Angeles.  We will leave L.A. on 15th April and fly to Honolulu, Hawaii. We will stay there 10 days before traveling to Sydney on 28th April. After two weeks in Sydney we will go for 1 week to Auckland. On 19th of May we will fly to Tokyo, Japan. The last 10 days of our world-trip we will be there before heading back home via Doha on 28th May. We will land in Brussel on the 29th May 2013, finishing our world-trip and starting the final post-production of The Life-Light film!

We can’t wait for it to begin! We want to thank all the directors and agency’s around the world who already showed us their support. We are really looking forward to meet and connect with you guys! You are awesome, thank you!