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Unleash the power of your brand with motion branding

Welcome to the world of motion branding, where creativity and strategy collide! Whether you have a corporate company or an online platform, you want to make your brand famous. But how do you take control of your brands image? We are here to help you discover the secret sauce to telling your brands story through motion branding!

Motion Branding Guidelines: The Importance of Consistency

Your brand’s identity is its essence, and consistency is the key. A lot of companies already have a brand styleguide, a guide how to use your brand assets like your logo, colours and typography. But motion content is still often overlooked in these guidelines, while video content is such an important tool for communication. Our motion branding guidelines ensure that your message, values, and personality are seamlessly woven into every frame.

Brand Animation

Your logo isn’t just an image; it’s your brand’s voice. Our brand animation techniques breathe life into your logo, creating a memorable and dynamic introduction. How fast are the movements? What kind of shapes do we use? All elements help build the energy & emotion of your brand.

Motion Graphic Design

The art of motion graphic design transforms your message into captivating visuals. How do your brand colours work together with moving visuals? How do title frames look and move? With motion graphics you can create an energy around your brand. Staying consistent with this energy is just as important as your static brand assets.

Motion Template

In today’s digital age, online video content is the heartbeat of your brand’s online presence. It’s how you connect with your audience on social media, website, or other digital platforms.

If you want to keep your customers up to date via social media or want to grow your team with recruitment videos. Every video or animation that goes public is part of your brands identity. So it’s important to be consistent with the look & feel of your brand in motion.

Working together with different production partners? We can help build branded motion templates you can use internally or share with video partners so everyone can work with the same.

Our Experience

Did you know we have experience with building out motion branding assets for big corporate clients like ING, Ahold, Danone, TP Vision, TCS and more. TV Channel branding or TV show idents for NOS, HBO, RTL, EO, and more. Or video idents for online video series or Youtube channels like, Tastemade, Data Leaders, Jim.

We often collaborate closely with branding agencies but can also work as an independent design studio. Reach out to us if you’d like to know more.

Custom Event Branding

Whether it’s a corporate event or an online webinar, an internal presentation or an international tradeshow, every event that you organize has the potential to be something special. Every event deserves to stand out and be memorable. Create dynamic on-screen visuals for physical displays, impactful opener videos to get people excited, or dynamic presentation slides to support your story. Whether it is based on your main branding, or needs to be something completely different. We can help you build some amazing motion assets to make an impact. Read more about our event videos here…

Video idents: for your brand, TV show or Online series.

We can’t talk about motion branding, without mentioning video idents. When creating motion branding guidelines and/ or motion templates, video idents are always part of them. But video idents can also be produced as a stand alone project. Video idents mostly consist of a leader / introvideo, one or multiple short bumpers, a lower3rd with a persons name + title, one or multiple video transitions or wipes, and an endcard with either a CTA (Call To Action) or end credits.

Video is such an essential tool for communicating with your audience, whether this is an internal (employees) or external audience. We help a lot of companies create online series to stay connected with their audiences. Since each series has it’s own goal, we create an animated identity around those series. Whether you’re targeting existing or potential new employees, your investers with quarterly results or your customers with news and updates. Each target and each platform requires it’s own strategy, with our experience we can help you create the assets you need to make an online impact.

We create video idents for TV channels and shows, Online platforms and series (Youtube, HBO, Tastemade) or corporate companies.

The power of motion branding

  • Consistency is key in building your brands online presence.
  • Reach your target audience: To reach your target audience, you must communicate clearly and be recognisable.
  • Giving your brand emotion & energy: It’s important to link your brand to specific energy & emotion.
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Ready to Elevate your brand?

Want to elevate your brand, channel or event with amazing branded motion visuals? Send us an email – slide into our DMs or just straight up give us a call, and let’s explore how our expertise can transform your brand into a captivating experience. Whether it’s brand animation or motion branding guidelines, we’re here to bring your brand’s story to life with the magic of motion design.

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