Jordi // This is my journey

Jordi Klepper // No Breakthroughs Without Breaking Things!

The secret of real strength is often hidden in your greatest weakness.
Because I was born with a physical handicap I know a lot of limitations in my life. But I’ve learned to see these boundaries no longer as limitations but as steps to grow and lines I can cross. I don’t believe that the boundaries we experience in our lives are there to limit our possibilities, but I believe boundaries are there to give us directions or to motivate us. That’s why I hunger for real freedom, to be in a place where I will be truly free in everything I do and create. For each new step I will take, each boundary I’ll break. I will learn new things and discover a new freedom. I admit I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but I know I can only learn by making a move and acting on it! I am Jordi and this is my quest, this is my journey, this is my life!

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