First steps on ‘the road’ // Jordi

As we kicked off the project 2 weeks ago we’ve been very busy preparing the world-trip. But to explain the meaning and story behind this project, we are making a two minute short film about our personal drive to make this journey. As filmmakers we always long to visualize stories, so this is our chance to let the world see why we are going to make this trip around the globe.


It all starts with the question “Why?”

Jordi Klepper // Superbeing:

The last couple of months I had the time to write down my story as you can read in the last post. I don’t want to describe how hard it is to live with a physical disability. But I want to show the world what can happen if you try to turn your weakness into your strength. I have a disease called ‘Bethlem myopathy‘, it’s a form of muscular dystrophy. To make a long story short: it means that I am physically weaker than a normal person because most of my muscles are shorter than they should be. Because it’s not really a visible condition (I’m not in a wheelchair), many people don’t know I have it until they notice I need help to get up from a chair for example. As a teenager I wanted to be acknowledged as a ‘full’ human being, I don’t feel like i’m sick, I feel normal. I hated when people knew me as ‘the handicapped guy who needs to take the elevator’ instead of all the things I had accomplished. But over the years I’ve learned to embrace my disability as something that shaped my character. I may not be physically strong, but mentally I’m unstoppable. I believe there is always something new to learn or to discover. Now is the time for me to step out of my comfort zone. Now is the time for me to do the things everyone says I could not do. Now is the time to meet new people, learn new things, discover a new freedom! To see the possibilities and to do the impossible. Superbeing

The first day of shooting my short film was sunday, 7th October. Here are some pictures of the day: