Discovering Buenos Aires

It’s day 05 of our world-trip when I’m (Jordi) writing this. The past few days we’ve been checking out the area where we stay: Palermo. It’s a very nice area in Buenos Aires, with parcs, monuments, nice restaurants etc. As you could have seen in the last post my shoe broke on the first day! We walked 12km, what’s a pretty big distance for me! And the broken shoe didn’t help of course. But I must say I’m pretty proud of myself of how I handle the distances in this big city. As someone with a physical handicap a big barrier of mine is mobility, and this city is really challenging me in that area. Since we don’t speak Spanish at all there is a big language barrier with the locals who don’t speak English. Asking for directions is hard and taking the bus, metro or train is almost impossible due to the fact we have no idea how it works. But even if we knew how the busses work, the busses have a very high step; meaning that they are way to high for me to enter them. So we basically have to walk everywhere we want to go or take a cab. For now we are just walking in the area of our hotel, but we want to go to San Telmo tomorrow (sunday), and that’s too far for me to walk, so we’ll take a cab.

We are mainly getting used to the fact that our journey has begun and we are really really in Argentina! It still blows our mind! But next to the fact we are first getting to know the culture, eating the local food and drinking the local beers, we are also busy brainstorming and working on our film “The Life-Light”.

As I said earlier I’m really pushed to my limits when it comes to mobility. And for Daan and me both the infrastructure and traffic here in Buenos Aires feels so different from anywhere we have ever been. The chaos, different cars, the small broken streets in contrast with 12 lane streets in the centre of Buenos Aires. So for the film we are focussing on that particular aspect of Buenos Aires, because it visualizes exactly the barrier I am confronted with right now. ‘The Life-Light’ will also be my interpretation of the world as someone with a physical handicap; how I see and process it, and of course my reaction to the barriers I face on this amazing journey! The film is still and will always be about: Breakthroughs & Freedom!

We are so happy that we’ll meet the creative people from 2veinte on monday, we really want to meet and talk to some locals here. Some creative people that we can talk to about our perspective on this city, we are curious to see how it’s different from theirs. And to talk about our and their creative process. We just can’t wait to meet-up! The plan is to meet-up with the people from Plenty next week as well, but we didn’t succeed in making a appointment yet.

Today we’ll stay in the area and will start to edit our first video blog, which will show our first couple of days in Buenos Aires.

Here are some pictures of the last 2 days!