Day 06 – Some technical difficulties

Hello Everybody!

We promised to put our first video blog online today but we had some technical difficulties today with our MacBooks. We resolved it and we are very busy editing but the result of the problems is that the video isn’t ready yet. So we promise that the video will be online as soon as possible, but it will be this week!

We know there are a lot of people waiting on our video blog… so to make it up to you guys, here are some pictures we took yesterday (Day 05) of our trip in Buenos Aires!

We’ll go to San Telmo this afternoon and if it works out we’ll meet Pablo Alfieri from Plenty tonight. But if he’s not going to make it we made an appointment to drop by their studio on tuesday! Either way,, we’re off to San Telmo! You’ll hear from us soon, we are working mornings and evenings to get the video online asap!

Jordi & Daan