The Life-Light

After 1 year pre-production & planning, 4 months of traveling & filming and 3 months of post-production… We’re graduated Bachelor of Design with Honours and finished the biggest project we’ve ever worked on. A project that changed our lives!  … Continue reading →

EPISODE 07 // Light in the desert

In this episode we drive through the desert to Las Vegas, we visit the Grand Canyon and we go back to the West Coast to end our road-trip in L.A. ‘The city of angels’. Music: Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

Tokyo – Our last stop!

The last 10 days of our awesome world-trip we spend in Yokohama & Tokyo. And why Tokyo? Because it’s Tokyo!! Wow what an awesome place, first of all the city looks beautiful. Although many buildings are very modern, you see… Continue reading →

New Zealand

New Zealand (just as Hawaii) doesn’t need a real explanation why it’s a destination on our world-trip right!? We were welcomed by Remiens family, they prepared a place for us to sleep and showed us around Auckland area in the… Continue reading →